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High Pressure


Four high-pressure thermo-regulated instruments are now available at the IBS. They consist of a spectrofluorimeter, an UV/visible spectrophotometer, a high-pressure steel vessel with a maximum pressure of 8 kbar and a gel electrophoresis system under high hydrostatic pressure. They allow to characterise the stability and activity of biological systems as a function of pressure (up to 4 or 5 kbar), to study the dissociating and denaturant effects of pressure (up to 8 kbar) and to measure stability. Pressure can also be used to promote and trap conformational states of the macromolecules.

Key words

High pressure, spectrometer, biomolecules, stability, activity.

Dedicated staff

Judith Peters (instrument responsible),
Eric Girard (instrument co-responsible)

Specific Instruments

Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)


The instruments are temporarily located in the ILL 20 building. An invitation to the experiment and an identity card are requested to enter the ILL site.

Additional information

Setting up of the isntruments in progress.