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Integrated Structural Biology Grenoble
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ISBG is an independent mixed service unit (UMS 3518) that manages the research platforms of the IBS on the EPN Campus in Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France. The partners of the ISBG are CNRS, CEA, UGA & EMBL with administrative support from CNRS Alpes.

Along with Strasbourg IGBMC, we are an Instruct centre providing funded access to our instruments and platforms for Instruct users.
Generous funding for the purchase of instrumentation and its operation has been provided by ANR FRISBI Equipex and GRAL Labex projects.

User access to instrumentation on the EPN Campus is a long established tradition due to the ESRF synchrotron and ILL neutron source. The ISBG expands this access tradition to methods for sample production, biophysical characterisation and structural analysis by EM and NMR.

In addition, the IBS platforms are also part of the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB) which includes the facilities of the ESRF, EMBL and ILL (European hosts of large-scale instruments), providing tools that ensure the continuity of structural biology and biochemistry projects. Thus, the IBS represents a state-of-the-art and crucial organization within the European landscape of protein research and structural biology.

Finally, IBS platforms get an ISO 9001 quality management certification since July 2011, a key label within the IBiSA French system, and a proof of well-managed activities for all partners.