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Integrated Structural Biology Grenoble

Integrated Structural Biology

Integrated Structural Biology Grenoble (ISBG) provides both services and technician-supported access to some of the highest level protein characterisation and structural biology instrumentation in France. We are open to academic and industrial partners in different ways, ranging from simple services to complex research projects (collaborations).
User access is simple - clearly defined tariffs with contract support via the CNRS. For research activities involving participation of our teams or platforms (e.g. training, hosting, collaboration), academic users pay only consumables and instrument running costs. Full service mode for academia and industry is possible and priced on a full cost basis in accordance with French regulations.

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From May 25, the platforms will be back in action to provide you access and services for your projects. The specific terms and conditions of access during this next period may vary slightly from normal; please contact the platforms for further details.

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